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    We offer new generation (low SAPS), synthetic diesel oils with greater fuel economy and enhanced engine performance. They are ideal for trucks, buses, tractors, heavy equipment, boats, forklifts, petrol cars and all diesel engines. We also stock lubricants that are compatible with your diesel engine’s particulate filters (DPFs). On our webshop you will find superior, high-standard (EURO I, EURO II, EURO III & EURO IV, E5 & E7) diesel oils at low prices. Wholesale distribution also available.


    Regardless what car you are driving, motor oils matter. We offer affordable lubricants for cars. Synthetic petrol engine oil that prevents the creation of residue in catalytic converters (low SAPS) and leads to extended oil change intervals (long life). Racing oils for high performance engines (SN, C2, C3). Suitable for all atmospheric and turbocharged engines. Wholesale prices.


    Provide your agricultural machinery (tractors) with the care they deserve. On SKS you will find agricultural lubricants for the SAE 20W/50 engine and SAE 10W/30 & 20W/30 hydraulic fluid. Suitable for engines, wet brakes, transmission systems and agricultural machines' hydraulic systems, tractors, lifting machines, etc. Wholesale prices.


    We know that your motorcycle is much more than a means of transportation for you. Synthetic, high-performance motor oils for 2-stroke (2T) and 4-stroke (4T) engines. Variety of motorcycle oils for mopeds, large displacement motorcycles, chainsaws, lawnmowers and wherever a petrol-oil mix is needed. Wholesale prices.


    Sail around the world without worry with our outboard motor and marine engines oil. It offers lubrication and corrosion protection. Wholesale prices.


    Efficiency matters in production. SKS offers a wide range of lubricants such as hydraulic fluids, heat transfer oils, cutting oil and industrial gear oil. In addition, we offer industrial lubricants for reduction gears, wind turbines, compressors, machinery, circulation systems, etc.


    Shifting gears without the proper lubricants can be a problem. SKS offers you a variety of differential fluids, automatic transmission fluids and hydraulic fluid for all types of hydraulic steering systems.


    Minimise friction and with all the grease you need only in SKS. We stock calcium, lithium, graphite, high temperature and lithium complex grease (blue colour) and offer an extensive selection of grease suitable for a variety of applications, bearings, bushings, etc.


    Enjoy a smooth driving experience with reinforced high-pressure gear oil for gearboxes and differentials. Synthetic gear oil is suitable for gears, gearboxes and differentials.


    Safety comes first and this is why you should always prefer high quality brake fluid. An assortment of brake fluid suitable for vehicles with disc brakes, drum brakes and ABS for any environmental condition (no change in properties).


    Provide your vehicle with overall protection and care. Valve cleaner is necessary for valve lubrication in LPG, CNG fuelled cars as LPG is a "dry" fuel and the lack of lubrication leads to valve damage. Diesel Biocide - Fungicide is a diesel fuel additive for bacteria and fungi for biodiesel fuels.


    Looking for enhanced performance? Additive - octane booster which raises petrol's octane and turns it into racing fuel. It diminishes rattling, reduces fuel consumption and improves engine performance. It is also suitable for methanol and ethanol fuel.


    Enjoy your vehicle all year round with a variety of long-life antifreeze products (G12) and high-quality coolants for aluminum or cast iron cooling systems of petrol and diesel engines. Engine coolant (Antifreeze) for protection at very low temperatures.

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Showing 61 - 73 of 73 items